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520 West 110th Street
New York, NY, 10025
United States


Our Story

The DubLife Co. is a clothing line started by D.U.B. by Boc. The DubLife Co. has one motive: To bring street-wear fashion to Africa and bring African Street wear to the rest of the world.

Inspired by Adversity

What is DubLife anyways? In the beginning, the ‘DUB’ was just something cool, like an undefeated brand. It started in a college dorm and was about making clothing that stood out, which made people feel invincible while being firmly anchored in the “Afro-urban” (Liberian and Ghanaian) aesthetic. Dub over the years has evolved into a family business and is run by five siblings. It takes a village, you know

Today D.U.B represents the resilience, growth, and survival of young Africans across the globe. Don’t Underestimate Brilliance. As siblings, we were raised as refugees in Ghana, our family fled from the Liberian civil war in 2001. The journeys we’ve taken from then to now has revealed the untapped potential of young people in Africa. So, Dublife. is a nod to the potential we see and work to promote in Africa. Our products are made by the hands of independent African artisans, who profit from bringing our designs to life. Beyond that, a portion of our profit goes toward aiding and improving the lives of children in Africa.  

The DubLife Company aims to blend different styles of fashion into what we now call “Afro-urban” as a means of sharing our African culture with the world. We want the world to see the beauty of our continent. We join the chorus of voices already investing in businesses that brings our love for Africa to the world.


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